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Herbie’s Crumb Cake was born with a passion for baking and love of a great man. This great man was my father named Herbie Collomb.


When I was a child, I was up for adoption for a number of years until Mom (Barbara) & Dad (Herbie) came along. Mom & Dad found me after looking through 100s of pictures of children that were available for adoption at that time. Dad said he picked me because of my smile. 


During the 1970's, adoption was not an easy process. Mom & Dad fought with the justice system for 10 long years in order for me to obtain a permanent place their home. During all of this, Dad became my real father in every sense of the word. He taught me many things. Most of all, Dad taught me perseverance. This was evident by his long

 fight for me with the Justice system. Other important things Dad taught me were patience, compassion, and how to give back to the community.


In 2004, Dad passed away leaving behind a legacy of family, friendship, & love. Today, I think Dad would be pretty proud of this little girl. The girl who he adopted that had the big smile; the girl who persevered to become a great baker; the girl who loves "giving back",  just like her dad did. This time, though, I give back by providing delicious crumb cake to all communities.


Two of Dad’s all-time passions were classic cars & crumb cake. This is the reason I use the truck logo on my crumb cake packages. It is one small way that I can honor his memory.

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